My Work

Textile Art

Irish landscape with Abbey ruin.
An example of my textile art – mounted.

Each piece of textile art is an original. The technique I use is called needle felting, a slow but very enjoyable process which involves the layering of tiny fibers of wool and silk and manipulating them with barbed needles onto a wool backing. I often incorporate other materials into the work to add texture and depth in reflecting the ruggedness of the Irish landscape. It is a completely natural process, the fibers felt together with the constant movement of the needles and no adhesive is ever used. It takes time to build up an image but it’s very rewarding to see the finished piece!

Meet some of my suppliers

A series of short videos on the techniques used in my textile art are available below. If you have any questions on techniques and / or materials …please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Manipulating the wool fibers with a barbed needle.